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Precision Records is an innovative, firearm-specific, evaluation-oriented record keeping system, designed to assist the reloader in developing accurate, reliable sporting ammunition reloads for all types of modern and historical firearms.

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Load Development Records

A method that works well when working up an accurate load is:

1. Change only one component or assembly procedure at a time .
2. Record all changes of component and assembly procedures.
3. Maintain specific, accurate target information.
4. Evaluate the results of the firing data against all previous results.

This System was primarily developed for the purpose of easily implementing the four steps. All loading procedures and firing data are explicitly keyed to a particular firearm instead of by caliber or individual components as are most other record keeping systems.

The database that keys the Individual Firearms to all the load and target data also incorporates a Firearm Record where all data pertinent to the firearm may be recorded and stored for easy retrieval by clicking on the tabbed and labeled page. Firearm Acquisition and Disposition information may also be stored in this database.

The Load Record Page is the start of the process that implements the first of the four steps previously mentioned. All data pertaining to the components and assembly methods of the load may be entered from this page into the Load Record database.

When recording a new load where only one or two components have been changed, a duplicate entry of all the data may be copied into the new record and then the changes that were made from the origional loading are simply edited into the new record. This relieves the shooter from the tedious drudgery of data entry.

Cartridge , Cartridge Case Database, Primer, Primer List , Powder, Powder List are available where one may add, edit or delete vital information relating to the various components used in working up loads.

Bullet Component Page , Active,Jacketed and Cast Bullet Lists and Gas Check Databases are also available where data such as bullet vendor names, styles, weights and ballistic coefficients are recorded and retrievable for entry into the Load Record page.

After firing the load for record, the shot coordinates, range, distance to chronograph, weather conditions and sight settings may be entered into a Target Record which is keyed to the specfic load. The chronograph readings and shot coordinates of each bullet strike are entered into the Shot Record database, where the data for each shot is keyed to it's own individual target.

New features of the Precision Records Module are the Digital Target Scoring, Target Printing, and Chronograph Data Import, all providing a smooth, seamless record keeping experience.

The system then calculates average, extreme spread and the standard deviation for chronograph velocitys, X and Y coordinates and the minute-of-angle dispersion from the group center. The group size is calculated in both inches and minutes-of angle and the muzzle velocity is estimated using the ballistic coefficient recorded for the bullet.

All of this information is then entered into the Target Record These entries may then be Filtered according to specific data components and are then sorted and displayed on the Analysis Page so that an ongoing critical evaluation of all the loads fired from a particular firearm may be performed after each target is recorded.


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