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Load Filter Module

This process in this module will filter the Load, Target and Shot records for the values entered into the color coded fields.  When the Run Filter button is clicked, only the records that contain the values entered into the fields may be viewed in the Load Record and Target Records pages or sorted in the Target Analysis page.

Click the Clear Filter button to allow full viewing and editing of all records associated with the selected firearm.

More below:

Either before or after the filtering process, the Viewing and Selection Grid may be sorted and arranged according to Load Number, Bullet or Mold Manufacturer, or Powder Manufacturer, by clicking on the individual column header titles.  The sort order may be changed by the far left column header.

The No.of Records  value indicates the number of records available for viewing and sorting either before or after the filtering process.
Values may be entered into the filter fields from the keyboard but, to ensure a reliable sorting process, the following procedure may be used to eliminate typing or spelling errors:

1. Locate a desired name or description in the color coded columns in the search grid then move the mouse cursor to the selection and slowly click. (A rapid double-click will move the focus to the selected load on the Load Record Page). This will select the field. 

2. Next, click the "Enter ???" button next to the chosen sort field.  This will auto-enter the value selected in the grid.

3. Enter the charge weight range values and the minimum number of shots on the target

4. Finally, click the "Run Filter" button to filter the loads records.

Only records that contain the selected values will now be available for sorting in the Target Analysis page or for viewing and editing in the Load Record page.

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