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Firearm Vital Statistics

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The Action panel is used to identify and record your firearm identity statistics

The Barrel panel may be used to record the general barrel configuration and rifling statistics. 

The Groove diameter is measured from the bottom of one groove to the bottom of the opposite groove.


The Bore Diameter is measured from the face of one rifling land to the face of the opposite land. 

The Throat Diameter Field may be used to record the basic free-bore or starting diameter at the beginning of the rifling in a barrel chamber. Or with a revolver cylinder, record the diameter of the throats at the front of the chamber.

The next panels are used to record basic chamber dimension values.

The Cylinder panel will be shown when a firearm with chambers in a cylinder is selected.


After the Cylinder Length, and Chamber Neck Diameter dimensions are recorded, entering  the Lead Angle will calculate the cylinder Leade Length or conversely, entering the Leade Length will calculate the cylinder Leade Angle.
Entering the Throat Length will calculate the Chamber Length or conversely, entering the Chamber Length will calculate the Throat Length.

The Chamber panel will replace the Cylinder panel when a firearm having the chamber in the barrel is selected.

After the Bore Diameter, Groove Diameter, Chamber Length and Total Free-bore Length dimensions are recorded entering the Lead Angle will calculate the barrel rifling Leade Length or conversely, entering the Leade Length will calculate the barrel rifling Leade Angle. The total distance from the end of the chamber to the end of the rifling leade at bore diameter will be calculated and recorded as the Throat Length.

The Load Record Active Bullet List  has an optional provision which calculates a bullet seating depth that will position the bullet ogive or front shoulder to just touch either the forcing cone or the rifling lands. Chamber dimensions that are more precise and detailed than are provided on this page are required for these calculations. These dimensions may be entered from the  Firearm Chamber Specs  page. However these entries are not necessary for the normal operation of the software.

Calculations and comparisons used in the Precision Ballistics and Records Software will require that the Radio Button Boxes, barrel Groove Diameter be correctly entered.

The contents of the Comments Panel will be limited only by computer disk capacity and may contain as much information as needed.

The Firearm Image may be loaded and edited from the System page.

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