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Shot records

Each shot record is sequentially numbered and then keyed to the selected, numbered target that is in turn keyed to the selected, numbered load that is keyed to the selected firearm.

After the Target information has been entered and posted, click the New Shot button to create a new blank record for each shot.

A method that works well is to create a new, blank record for each shot and previously writing down the chronograph and shot coordinates, start at the first shot chronograph field and enter the first recorded chronograph velocity, press the keyboard Down-Arrow to select the next shot chronograph field, enter the value and again press the Down-Arrow, repeating the process until all the chronograph velocities have been entered. If a chronograph velocity is missing for a shot, do not enter a zero, simply leave the field blank and press the down-arrow to enter the next velocity. Next, do the same down-arrow for each shot coordinate column.

If your chronograph has the ability to write the velocity strings to your computer, each shot velocity value may be automatically written to the shot records. Click the   button to open the  "Import Chronograph Velocities" module

Carefully measure the vertical and horizontal, distances, in inches, of each shot from the Point of Aim on the target, scoring hits below the point of aim as a minus value and also hits to the left of the point of aim as a minus value. Enter these values into the shot records as was done with the chronograph velocities.

Scoring a target using a computer monitor
You may use the fired target and your computer screen and mouse to enter the shot coordinates and score the target. Click the    button to open the Digital Target Scoring module

Enter minus values (using the keyboard minus sign key) for coordinates that are below or to the left of the aim point.

If a shot fall exactly on the vertical or horizontal coordinate line of the aim point and is neither a plus nor a minus, enter a zero (0) for the value.

If a shot is a miss or wild flier that is not to be recorded, leave the field blank. Do not enter a zero.

Do not attempt to make entries in the MOA from Center column. This is a calculated field.

Comments associated with a shot may be entered in the comments field for each shot.

After all shot information has been entered, click the Calculate Statistics button to analyze and calculate the target information that will then be automatically entered into the Target Record fields

Use the Database Grid scroll bars to view shots records that extend below the viewing window of the grid.

Individual selected Shot Records may be deleted with the Delete button.

Another shot may be entered which will be sequentially numbered after the last shot. This shot number may be manually changed to a shot number that has been deleted but cannot be changed to the same number as an existing shot without causing a Key Violation Error.

If a record of the selected load is maintained in the Loaded Ammunition Inventory, click the to remove the fired rounds from inventory, place the fired cases back into the cartridge case inventory and update the number of shots fired from the selected firearm 

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