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Cartridge Panel

The Cartridge Case data fields on this page may be manually filled and edited or the data may be automatically entered from the Cartridge List Database Module by clicking the "Select a Cartridge Case" button which will open the Cartridge List Database where the appropriate record may be selected, transferring the data to the Cartridge Panel Fields.  The case, lot number (if used)I and trim length fields will be automatically filled. The Case Sizing field may be manually edited.

You may manually enter values in the data fields. However, several features incorporated into this software module use component data from the load record. In order for these features to work correctly, the component data must be consistent and accurate. Using the individual component databases to select and transfer the data to the load record will ensure that the individual load records data remain consistent and accurate.

If a cartridge case head stamp image is stored for the selected cartridge case record, the image will be automatically copied to the image frame on this page.

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