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Firearm Name Lists

Use this module to add new names of Firearms and Calibers.

Click the Add a New Name button to open a new, blank field in the lower editing grid. 
Place the cursor in the blank field and type a new unique name for the firearm that is to be added to the Firearms Database.

This name will be used to reference a particular firearm throughout all of the Precision Ballistics and Records Software.  

Please Note: After records that are associated with this particular firearm have been added to the databases, the format or spelling of these Firearm and Caliber names should not be changed or edited in any manner, as this will cause all previously entered records associated with these names to become inaccessible for either editing or viewing.

When finished with the additions or editing of the name, click the Post Additions/Changes button to save the changes to the Names Record Databases.

After carefully considering the warning note posted above, the Delete the Selected Name button may be clicked to remove the name from the list.

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