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Precision Ballistics Software provides performance-evaluation assistance using highly accurate numerical integration calculations to chart ballistics, trajectory and wind deflection along with a unique sight setting and adjustment procedure.

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 This software has been compiled to calculate a ballistics trajectory with precision and accuracy using numerical integration to apply the resistance values from individual Drag Tables that have been developed to model the various types of sporting projectiles in use today.
The G1, GL, G5, G6 and British Round Ball Drag tables are the ones representative of the most commonly encountered sporting projectiles in use and each of these tables may be utilized by this software.

To calculate a trajectory, the tabbed page " Data Entry "is opened and the "Initial Data" box is selected.

First, the muzzle velocity and weight of the bullet must be entered, then the ballistic coefficient relating to a particular drag table is entered. If the ballistic coefficient is not known, a bullet may be selected from a Personal Bullet Database of "most used " bullets. The bullet records in the Personal Bullet Database may be selected from either the Jacketed Bullet or Cast Bullet Databases that together contain nearly 1,000 bullets with published ballistic coefficients.

If the ballistic coefficient cannot be located, one may Calculate the Ballistic Coefficient from known velocitys and ranges or Estimate the Ballistic Coefficient from the physical description of the projectile. A ballistic coefficient may also be calculated from Targets and Sight settings obtained at known range distances. The software also supports the use of Multiple Ballistic Coefficients that are associated with various velocity ranges.

Next, the various ranges throughout the trajectory may be entered in increments of the maximum range, along with the additional option of 4 separate non-incremental ranges.

After selecting a particular firearm from the Personal Firearms list, from the Firearm Selection Box or by simply entering the Sight Type, Sight Configuration or Vernier Sight information and then making any necessary changes to the Atmospheric conditions and Wind Vector data, the trajectory may then be calculated.

The Balistics, Trajectory, Wind Drift, Head~Tail Wind Deflection, and Terminal Ballistics values are calculated using numerical integration to obtain values at one foot per second velocity intervals throughout the range of the trajectory. A Point Blank Range may be computed and then is adjusted to be the Zero range where either Vernier Sight, Adjustable Barrel and Receiver Sight or Telescopic Sight Adjustments are computed for each range increment.

All of the information entered for the calculations and the data generated by these calculations ( Up to as many as 12 various range increments ) may printed on a single 8.5 x ll inch standard paper Printout.

Additional printouts for the Trajectory/Path, Sight Settings,Wind Deflection and Head~Tail Wind Deflection will displayed and may be printed out in incremented distances as small as 1/3 yard for ranges that may extend out to as far as 2,000 yards.

Comparision Charts and Graphs may be constructed and printed using the data stored in the Saved Setups in the Saved Setup Database.

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