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Adjustable Sight Settings and Adjustments



    This  instance of the sight table displays the path at various ranges of a 0.490 round ball fired from a rifle with the adjustable sights zeroed at 115 yards. 


    From information entered in the Sight Configuration section of the Data Entry page, the display indicates that the rear sight on this rifle is adjusted with an adjusting screw that has 40 threads per inch and 6 graduations on the screw head. This translates into: 40 revolutions of the screw will move the sight through one vertical inch.


    Since there are 6 graduations on the screw head, there are 240  movement increments (6 X 40 = 240) per inch of sight movement.


     The table indicates the direction and movement of the rear sight, in either Minutes of Angle or Graduation increments,  to re-zero the sights to any range  shown in the trajectory.


     The column on the right indicates the windage adjustment graduations needed to correct for the gyroscopic wind drift at each range.




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