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Drag Tables


A Drag Table is, in essence, a list of the atmospheric retardation values, in feet per second, that act upon a particular size, shape and weight bullet at various velocities throughout a useful trajectory range. The G1 Table was constructed using a projectile such as the one described by Gen. Julian S. Hatcher in Hatcher's Notebook.

These tables are generally constructed in 10 f.p.s. increments starting at zero f.p.s. and extending as high as 4,000 f.p.s.

















G5....This one conforms to the boat tail, spire pointed, jacketed bullets. 

J1......For very long nosed and long boat tail bullets.





RB....The British Round ball test firings were used for this one.





Comparison Chart of the GL, G1 and G5 Retardation Tables.