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Vernier Sight Settings and Adjustments



     The left-hand chart displays the path of a bullet with the rifle's rear sight zeroed at a range of 200 yards. The path, in inches, of the bullet is shown at each consecutive range along with the sight adjustment, in both inches and  Minutes-of-Angle, needed to re-zero  the sight for that particular range. The column on the right indicates the windage adjustment graduations needed to correct for the gyroscopic wind drift at each range.


     The chart on the right indicates the Vernier Sight reading, in both points and in staff markings, that are required to zero the sight at each range shown on the chart. In this instance, the reading of 14 points as the setting for a zero at the 200 yard  range was obtained from the initial Vernier Sight Data entry field on the Data Entry Page.


     The Spin Drift Right column uses the vernier sight windage adjustment values to calculate the correction to compensate for the calculated right hand spin drift at each range.




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