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Ballistics and Trajectory





Ballistics, Bullet Path and Trajectory Information  displayed on this page are the direct results of calculations made from data entered in the Data Entry page.


Ballistics reveals, at each consecutive range, the Velocity in feet per second, Energy in foot/pounds, Time of Flight in seconds and the Bullet Drop (from level flight) in inches.


Bullet Path indicates the actual path of the bullet, in inches and minutes of angle,  above and below the zeroed line of sight, from the muzzle to each individual range shown at the left of the chart.


Right-Left Wind Drift indicates the amount of right or left deflection caused by the 3:00 O'Clock or 9:00 O'clock vector value of the entered wind speed and direction..


Head / Tail Wind indicates the amount of vertical up or down deflection caused by the 12:00 O'clock or 6:00 O'clock vector value of the entered wind speed and direction.


Right Drift In Inches indicates the amount of right hand gyroscopic drift of the bullet at each range.


Trajectory Information describes the actual path of a bullet from the muzzle to point of impact on a target  at the indicated range. ( no line-of-sight or sight height  values are used in this calculation. ). 


Departure Minute-of-Angle indicates the required elevation angle of the bore from a base line drawn from the muzzle to a point of impact at the indicated range. 


Impact Angle  of the bullet to the base line at the point of impact is shown in degrees of angle.


The Maximum Ordinate is the term used to describe a point in the trajectory where the bullet reaches it's maximum height and then begins to descend back towards the base line due to the influence of gravity.



Maximum  Ordinate Range shows the distance in the selected units of measure to the point of maximum height in the trajectory.


Maximum Ordinate is the height of the highest point of the trajectory in inches.


Time to Maximum Ordinate  is the time, in seconds needed for the bullet to reach the distance of maximum height in the trajectory.


Clicking the Print button will open a Quick Report Preview Module that will display the Ballistics and Trajectory  values  as they will be printed . The printing operation may be started from the Quick Report Preview form.  


The Show Graph button will activate the Bullet Path Graphing Module  to provide a visual concept of the bullet path in relation to the Line Of Sight.  The graph is, of course, not to scale relative to bullet height and range distance, but the cursor may be placed at the edges of the graph and, while holding down the left mouse button,  the graph may be lengthened or shortened both vertically and horizontally in order to gain a closer perspective.


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