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Loaded Ammunition Inventory

A record of loaded ammunition, detailing the components and assembly methods used may be automatically compiled or manually entered.

The load record used must have been compiled by selections from the individual component data bases.

A new loaded ammunition record may be created either from the Inventory Management module or by clicking the button titled "Enter a new record for the SELECTED FIREARM and LOAD". 

Either method will create a new record, entering the descriptions and total cost of each component used.
The number of loaded rounds added may be manually adjusted or automatically calculated from the Inventory Management.

The number of loaded rounds subtracted from inventory may be manually adjusted or automatically removed after completing the "Remove Loaded Rounds from the loaded Ammunition Record" button in the Shot Record module.

All Component Inventory pages use essentially the same format and adjustment algorithms. Refer to the Inventory Topic and the Bullet Inventory for information about the procedures used.

Remember to enter or update the Cost per round field before making inventory adjustments.

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