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Bullet Databases


     In order to calculate the ballistics and a trajectory for a bullet, the software must have both a bullet weight and a ballistic coefficient value.  Large Jacketed Bullet and Cast Bullet databases are provided with over 1000  individual bullets from approximately 25 different vendors or mold manufacturers. Each of the listed bullet records contains the manufacturers published weight and many contain a ballistic coefficient.


     A bullet may be located in the Storage Lists and then moved to the Active list, where it may be stored or selected for use in the ballistics calculations. This provides for a smaller, more easily manipulated database of often-used bullets which can be continually updated and maintained.


     Bullet information may be entered  into the active list from either the Edit Bullets Module or from the Ballistics Calculation Tabbed Pages, after a suitable ballistic coefficient has been Calculated or Estimated

The Active List



A bullet may be searched for in the databases by three separate methods:


1. Go to the Sort box and click on, or select, a sort method, which will then sort and re-arrange the database according to your selection. (This may be done at any time to re-sort the database) 


2. Click on or select the Search Databases button to open a search dialog box where the databases may be searched by Vendor Name, Index Number or Caliber.



3. Click on the Search any Field  button to open the search field dialog box.




     Once a record has been located, the relevant data may then be transferred to the Bullet Selection portion of the Data Entry page by clicking on, or selecting, the  "Copy the Selection to Data Entry" button, or the record  may be moved to the appropriate storage Database  with the use of  the Move the Selection back to the Cast or Jacketed Database button.


      Records may be entered, edited and deleted from this active bullet list after selecting the Add to or Edit this Database button, but care must be exercised, as an incorrect entry may corrupt  the data in the record fields, resulting in errors in the ballistics and trajectory calculations. The process of entering or editing  a database from the grid on this page is outlined in the Edit Database page


     The use of a Vendor-Name list and a Caliber-value list is used to minimize the possibility of duplications and mistakes in the key sorting fields of the databases. Entry of data into these two fields may only be accomplished by making a selection from the drop down lists in the entry fields.  If the desired name or caliber designation is not contained in these lists, additional vendor names and caliber values  may be added to these lists from the  Edit Database page.



The Jacketed Bullet List



Cast Bullet List



     The procedure for locating a particular record in the Jacketed and Cast bullets databases is the same as for the active bullet database.


     Once the record has been selected, the Move Selection to the Active Bullet List button is clicked which moves the record to the Active Bullet list and from there, the data may then be copied into the Bullet Selection box on the Data Entry page.


     No adding, editing or deleting of the records in the Active, Jacketed or Cast Bullet Lists is allowed from this pages. Click on the  Edit ( Cast/Jacketed) Bullet Database button to move the focus of the program to the  Edit Databases page, where names and calibers may be chosen from  the data lists.



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