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Tom, Thank you for your help. I’ve been using Precision Ballistics since early 2005. I’ve even purchased programs like “Load From A Disk” and “Sierra Infinity Five” since than but none of them can beat Precision for accuracy, ease of use and versatility. Anyone who is into loading and ballistics from an in-depth perspective or ever a beginner won’t find a better program. Great Job!!! Thanks again Jim Boesenberg

I have been using RSI's Shooters Lab for several years but have been switching all my recent records to Precision Ballistics and Records offered by forum member Tom Myers of TMT Enterprises.
As I mentioned, I have switched to Precision Ballistics and Records. Where Shooters Lab fell short was it's ability to analyze loads against one another despite having all the data and that is where Precision Ballistics and Records excels. Through the information entered on the Target Records and Target Analysis pages loads are compared against each other. The chrony data and target coordinates must be manually entered but I haven't found that a problem. I am shooting and storing about 200 to 250 shots a week while developing my charge graphs for the boolits dropped from my molds. A demo for PB&R isn't available but but Tom has done an excellent job of dealing every aspect of his software on his web site. Precision Ballistics and Records is offered in modules, you can buy what you want. This module does not offer the ability to print load records (ballistic tables can be printed) but the Cartridge Box Label Printing module does this and much more. Precision Ballistic and Records offers some basic firearm data storage but a more complete Firearm Records module is available ___. All three of these modules work perfectly with one another, seamlessly sharing information.
Stew, I hope some of this information might be of help. Tom seems a little shy when I comes to promoting his software here, but he shouldn't be as it is a first class system so may be he will chime in! __________________ Michael

Hi Tom, Thanks for the reply to my questions, there is no problem and the answer is as I thought it might be. I was just checking incase I had missed something in your program. It is the only one I have come across that I can confirm against known elevation staff settings from 100 yards to 1000 yards which brings the confidence level up enormously.
John J.R. Manning, New Zealand



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