Precision Cast Bullet Evaluation and Design


   Program Capabilities

1.  Storage and retrieval of comprehensive  dimensions and vital statistics for cast bullets of many different shapes and profiles.

2.  Accurately calculates cast bullet volume and weight determined by the casting alloy used. 

3.  Calculates the bullet sectional density and estimates the ballistic coefficient determined by the bullet profile.

4.  Calculate optimum twist rate, bullet length or muzzle velocity.

5.  Calculates lube groove volume and  lube weight.

6.  Determines the precise center of mass and center of pressure of the cast bullet.

7.  Determines the proper gas check shank diameter based upon caliber and a database of gas check dimensions.

8.  Instantly creates a dimensionally accurate, resizeable, annotated scale bitmap drawing of any bullet in the database. The image may be printed or saved as either a bitmap or jpeg file for subsequent forwarding or printing

9.  Create a dimensionally accurate, resizeable, images of the bullet that may be printed or saved to a file for subsequent printing or  exportation to other software.


1.  Nose curve profiles:

     Tangent ogive
     Secant ogive constructor
     Round Nose
     Truncated cone
     Elliptical Nose 


2.  Meplate profiles:

     Hollow point


4. Base Band Styles:

     Plain Base
     Gas Check shank
     Bevel base
     Hollow Base


3. Crimp groove profiles:

A. Standard crimp:
B. Square crimp:
B. Round crimp:

5. Casting alloy selections:

      Pure Lead
      Various lead/tin ratios 
      Wheel weights
      Lyman #2
      Custom specific gravity entry window



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