Precision Firearm Records ~ 5

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The Firearm Records Module may be installed either as a companion to Precision Ballistics and Load Records or as an independent stand-alone installation


Using the same firearms information database as the Precision Ballistics and Records Modules, this application provides an excellent utility that enables printing hard copies of the vital statistics and information stored for each firearm

Information and data for a very large number of firearms may be stored, searched and retreived from the shared and keyed databases


Unique Name Lists are utilized in order to eliminate misspellings and duplication of data records. All pertinent information is indexed and arranged to facilitate comprehensive entry and easy retreival


Locations are provided for all information regarding the acquisition, inventory and disposition of your complete firearms collection


A large, scrollable window is provided for repair and maintenance journals. Text, bitmap images, sketches of gunsmith drawings and much more may be stored and then retrieved from this window.


Information related to a specific firearm may be collected and stored by topics that are individualy indexed for easy retreival and viewing or printing as a collection or as individual topics


Intutitive and easy to use controls allow one to import and store previously sized and cropped jpg images of each individual firearm in two different sizes to accomodate both long and short arms. A digital camera and it's imaging software are all that is needed to record high quality images of your complete firearm collection.

Generate individual firearm record sheets, selecting image and size from the print control page.


Generate individual firearm record of all accessories or equipment related to a specific firearm


View and print individual report sheets of all accessories or equipment related to a specific firearm






Record, store and print all images needed to completely document any firearm in your collection


Generate a complete 8 1/2" x 11" report on your firearm collection, displaying pertinent information, with cost and disposal values totaled and compiled. Excellent for insurance purposes

The printing control provides complete selectivity of the records and images to be printed.



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